Acconet 13200mAh Mini DC UPS for ONT/Router


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Power flow during power surges:
When using the B600 Mini In-Line UPS, the voltage that passes from the main electrical lines to your devices
is consistent and stable. This protects your connected devices from power surges, which occurs when the
voltage from the supply source suddenly rises. In the event of a power outage or load shedding switchover to
the Mini In-Line UPS backup power is automatic and instantaneous.

Refined and filtered power supply:
It normalises power levels so that your Internet & Wi-Fi devices are
protected against dips and spikes caused by lightning or an abnormal
power supply that usually comes from restored power after lengthy
power interruptions.

Instant power during power interruptions:
The B600 Mini In-Line UPS guarantees your business / residential
connection for 4 to 10 hours (dependent on the number of connected
devices). The B600 Mini In-Line UPS is designed as in-line therefore
no disruption when any power related loss applies.

Connections to power supply and output to devices:
Please note that this model does not include any power supply. This
model can be powered by a 12V (up to 2.5A) PSU to charge the
device. An example of power supply will be to plug your ONT/
Router power plug into the UPS and use the Stepdown cable to
connect your ONT/Router and any other devices (IP camera, mobile
phones, tablets, etc) you may want to connect to the UPS.

Instructions for Use

The unit has 3 ports:
1. Input: Where the charger is plugged in to charge the unit.
2. Output: Where you connect your device to receive
back-up power using the included cable.
3. USB: A 5V port that can be used to charge cell phones etc.

The unit has a charge and working light.

1. Charge Light
The charge light will flash when the unit is charging via the input port. Once fully charged the light will stop flashing
and will become static.
2. Work Light
On ce you start using the unit with the input disconnected, the work light will come on to indicate that the unit is
providing back-up power. Please Note: The unit will turn off without warning once it runs out of power.


Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
Output Voltage (Optional): 12VDC
Output Power: 30W
Transfer Time: 0ms
Battery Type: Lithium battery
Battery: Capacity 13200mAh
Charging Period: 8 Hours (typical)
Physical Unit Dimensions (mm): 130 x75 × 42mm
Environment of performance: Temperature -25°C ~45°C

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm
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