The BluSky Series inverter is designed for small office and home use.


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This unit provides critical overload protection and can switch between UPS and Inverter mode.


Features :

    • Compact size for convenient use
    • Auto-restart function
    • Buzzer mute control
    • LCD Display
    • Cooling fan speed automatically adjust with low noise
    • Low DC cut-off voltage setting
    • 3 Stage intelligent charging
    • 10 or 20A fast charging
    • Off mode charging function
    • Self-testing on start-up


Specifications :

    • Input
      • Phase: Single phase
      • Voltage Range: 170VAC-280VAC (UPS)
      • Voltage Range: 90VAC-280VAC (Inverter)
      • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Output (Battery Mode)
      • Voltage: 230V +-10%
      • Waveform: Sine wave
      • Frequency: 50Hz+-1Hz
      • Transfer time: 20ms


  • Battery:
  • Rating Battery Voltage: 12V           Charge Voltage: 13.75+-0.25V


Please Note:
The product will be supplied in black. Blue colour for display purposes only.



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