Why Refurbished?


Refurbished IT = The Future

We believe that refurbished IT equipment is the future – and we are not alone! Refurbished equipment is getting very popular nowadays and it is easy to understand why.

Buying refurbished computers can be a hugely beneficial experience that offers a fantastic return on investment and access to state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you’re a company looking to upgrade, or an individual who wishes they had a personal desktop or laptop that worked faster with increased functionality, there are many reasons to choose refurbished machines. 


What is "refurbished equipment" and how does it differ from "second-hand equipment"?

Refurbished equipment is previously owned equipment that has been inspected and restored to a sellable condition.

The difference between a refurbished product and a second-hand product is that the refurbished product has been tested and if needed – repaired. This process includes many diagnostics tests, which filters out non-functional or broken equipment, to bring up the products to the same standards as new products have – and then to be qualified as a refurbished product.

Refurbished equipment is a lot cheaper than new equipment – While being the same quality, after being refurbished.

At JUST PC’s, we sanitise, assess, and refurbish equipment to a fully operational state that is appropriate for resale. By having the components thoroughly tested by highly experienced technicians, we are able to ensure that a computer bought from us, is one that will give its new owner years of joy. We offer Certified Refurbished computers with a warranty, giving customers a greater ease of mind than buying unreliable second-hand computers.

Why you should be buying refurbished?

1. Smarter Business & Cost Saving

Refurbished equipment are a fantastic money-saving option, that offers the same performance levels at a much cheaper price point. Refurbished equipment is not only about saving money; it can also be a smarter way to run your business. If your company has standardized on specific models that are no longer being sold, it can be more efficient to buy the refurbished equivalent than to add a new model to your office. By doing so, you can extend the life of existing accessories that may rely on no-longer-functioning equipment, avoid having to stock consumables for a different model, and save on the effort required to learn how to use something new.

2. Higher Quality Stock

When buying a refurbished unit, you can generally afford a higher spec on attributes such as memory, screen quality and processor speed. This is because there can be a quick turnover from a brand new model’s release date to refurbished versions being on the market; sometimes in as little as 3 months. This means you can get an older, top-of-the-range model for the price of this year’s bottom-of-the-range model.

3. Reliability

The quality and reliability of the product is a very important factor in every purchasing decision. It does not matter how cheap the product is; if it breaks within a few weeks, then it is not worth it. While the quality and reliability of used products might be questionable, refurbished products will work just as well as a new counterpart would. The refurbishment process itself is very thorough and includes multiple rounds of testing, diagnostics, and – if necessary – repairs to ensure that the item is in good condition, and meets every requirement that the manufacturer has set for that certain product. When you buy refurbished, you can expect the product to be just as good as a new.

4. Eco-friendly

Buying refurbished ticks the eco-friendly box for a number of important reasons. By extending the life of a computer, you are helping reduce environmental waste as well as reducing the number of new machines that have to be manufactured. Many of the electronic components used are rare, expensive and environmentally toxic. They can take hundreds of years to decompose as well so ethically, we ought to do everything possible to extend their usage and recycle them to keep them out of landfill and protect our planet. Finally, buying refurbished can help you meet your Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) obligations which govern how businesses deal with safe disposal of electronic devices and components.

Are you ready to join the future?

Check out our online store, or contact us with your request! Our stock moves faster than what we can upload, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for – we will do our best to find it for you!

Are you looking to sell or donate used equipment? Our group JUST ECO offers an array of socially and environmentally responsible computer & e-waste solutions to government, corporate companies, and the general public. We are always interested in your redundant ICT equipment! Visit our JUST ECO site to learn more.

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